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TW-S Golf Balls

Unleash Spin Mastery with Tour-Validated Precision

Key Features:

  • Three-piece urethane
  • Low long game spin for ultimate control
  • Advanced dimple design for a penetrating and consistent flight

Discover the Honma TW-X Golf Balls, meticulously crafted to elevate your game with unparalleled spin mastery. Designed for players who demand precision, these tour-validated golf balls deliver low long game spin, allowing you to control your shots with unprecedented accuracy. The advanced dimple design ensures a penetrating and consistent flight, prioritizing spin for ultimate control on the course. Redefine your golfing experience with the perfect blend of distance and spin, setting a new standard for your performance on every swing.

High Elasticity FLEX Layer

A large-soft core is topped with a mid-layer for increasing backspin, softer feel, and improved control.

Premium Cast Urethane Cover

Increased durability, scratch resistance, and a bite to the face of the club provides amazing spin while maintain a soft feel.

326 Dimple

For smooth flight and stable trajectory, creating air resistance against wind.

Honma Golf

Customer Reviews

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Tung-Chen Chung
A good-fit golf ball

As a mid-handicapper, I choose golf balls that fit my skill set, and after hitting Honma Golf Balls, I do feel that they fit my game, both distance and on the greens.