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Stunning performance from Sakata, Japan.


For decades, the Honma story has been set in the foothills of Sakata, Japan. There, bounded by ancient sand dunes, bustling ports, and city sophistication, our founders built Honma from the ground up – gathering the top technical minds, experienced craftsmen, and accomplished artisans who put their skills to work in designing the world’s best, most beautiful clubs.

Now in North America, it’s time for Honma’s next chapter. We’re excited to expand our reach and our breadth. To bring the Honma commitment to stunning performance to a wider Western audience. To showcase the longevity and passion of Honma in our newest setting. To continue to elevate the game of golf with the highest levels of artistry, quality, and innovation.

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Why Honma?

  • Because stunning performance is what we do best
  • Because the game, and your game, deserve the absolute best in design, craftsmanship, artistry, and materials
  • Because Honma has left its imprint on stunning performance in the industry for more than half a century
  • Because Honma shows your hard work and dedication both on and off the course
  • Because Honma quality is in every inch, ounce, and etch of every club

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Be Part of the Honma Story

The standard in master craftsmanship. Classic shapes are finished with accents of real gold or platinum, providing timeless beauty along with performance. For the avid-golfer looking for game improvement while looking pristine, these clubs provide confidence to play your best golf.

Using innovative technologies, these clubs deliver premium performance to both improving players and golf masters. Featuring industry firsts like carbon slot technologies and hand-rolled graphite shafts, Honma quality is in ever inch, ounce, and etch of every club.

Elevating the new generation of golfers for next-level play. We’ve put BERES’s legendary speed, distance capabilities, and incomparable craftsmanship into powerful yet lightweight clubs--custom-designed for golf’s next generation. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from Honma. Maximum forgiveness. Game-changing technology. Stunning performance. BERES Nx elevates the next generation of golfers with the tools needed to refine your game wrapped in modern design.