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Honma Golf’s Official Warranty Policy

Luxury is supposed to last a lifetime. Honma makes sure it does. 

Each Honma club is given a hologram label to prove its authenticity when purchased directly from Honma golf, or from a subsidiary, distributor, or authorized retailer or dealer. This grants the buyer access to the two-year Honma warranty program. 

If your club suffers a defect from the manufacturing process, warranty services may be obtained through the same retailer where the product was purchased, with presentation of original receipt or proof accepted by the retailer. 

Please note, it is up to Honma Golf’s sole discretion whether a club is covered by warranty. Warranty may become void once hologram label is removed.

How can I tell if my club is covered by warranty?

Please refer to the following chart

Still unsure if your club is covered?

Reach out to with photos and details about your situation.