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Honma Golf | Premium Crafted Performance

Honma Golf is dedicated to crafting the world’s highest quality and most beautiful performance golf clubs. Honma was founded by craftsmen in Japan who are committed to superior quality, innovation, and performance over 60 years ago. From our factory in Sakata, we believe making a golf club is not only a manufacturing process but also an art form. Honma Golf USA meets Japanese craftsmanship with traditional American golf. Honma golf clubs provide you with unmatched precision, power, and beauty for every golf game you play.

Honma crafts a wide array of premium clubs and is the top golf club brand known for its premium performance. Tee up at the golf course with your golf bag full of Honma TR20, Honma TR21, Honma Beres, Honma T World, and Honma XP-1 collections. Honma offers drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and putter golf clubs for both men and women golfers. Along with golf clubs, Honma also has premium golf accessories and golf gear such as golf balls, golf bags, golf headwear, and golf leather goods. Experience how to swing a Honma golf club today with our Honma fitting experience.