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The complete set of BERES Nx for the next generation of golfers. This set includes:

  • Driver, 10.5
  • 3 FW
  • 5 FW
  • 22 Hyrbid
  • 6-11, AW
  • Vessel Black Bag

Strike with modern Nx technology and unmatched BERES craftsmanship; the BERES Nx full set for men features sleek, handsome clubs forged with top-technology to ensure smooth feel and precise hits from multiple hit points.

Solid Cross Carbon Crown

The lightweight carbon cross-pattern crown allows weight to be carefully redistributed throughout the clubhead, preventing power loss at impact and maximizing strength and performance.

Booster Slot

The hyper wide slot efficiently transmits energy at impact into initial velocity for high trajectory and long distance.

Keel Design Weight

Installing a 12g weight with highly specific gravity helps produce straight ball flight and strong trajectory, meaning you have more control over the ball.

Evolved Radial Face & X Lib

By making the face surface radial, the repulsion in the toe and heel expands to the edges of the face. X Lib technology increases rigidity of the face’s outer circumference to create high resilience. The result is durable contact with the ball and higher forgiveness.

Upper L-Cup Face

The adopted L-CUP structure has high repulsion performance by avoiding any welding on the face, increasing the repulsion area to generate more initial velocity on impact with your ball.

Non-Rotating System

This Honma unique feature allows angle adjustment to dial in your preferred ball flight and shot performance. The shaft does not rotate even if angle is adjusted.

BERES x Vizard

Nx clubs come standard with the Honma-exclusive VIZARD for Nx shaft that maximizes initial ball speed with pure contact. It is generally more flexible in the middle, and more optimized towards the butt and tip – helping you produce proper spin and fast initial velocity. Allows golfers a comfortable, easy swing while the shaft does all the work.


Honma GolfBeres Nx

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