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The sleek Nx iron is designed with Nx Drive Technology, generating an ideal ball trajectory, and substantial distance from multiple hit points. Features Include:

  • Tungsten and vibration absorption resin
  • Vibration Absorption 3D Emblem
  • Low CG Design
  • L-Cup face

Tungsten and Vibration Absorption Resin

By incorporating a tungsten weight near the toe at the bottom of the cavity and a vibration absorbing resin material behind it, the head rigidity is increased, and the repulsive force of the entire head is increased. This propels your ball higher and farther.

Vibration Absorption 3D Emblem

Absorbs vibration at impact by adhering the 3D back face emblem to the face. Pursuing a strong feel and sound like forged iron.

Low CG Design

The low-and-deep CG by synergy effect with the wide sole for high trajectory and provides the high trajectory and distance performance even in stronger lofts.

L-Cup Face

The L-CUP structure makes the face thickness as thin as possible and increases clubhead rigidity.

BERES x Vizard

Nx clubs come standard with the Honma-exclusive VIZARD for Nx shaft that maximizes initial ball speed with pure contact. It is generally more flexible in the middle, and more optimized towards the butt and tip – helping you produce proper spin and fast initial velocity. That lets golfers take a comfortable, easy swing while the shaft does all of the work.

Triple-Star BERES Nx

The Triple-Star BERES Nx irons are monochromatic chrome and beautifully modern. Constructed with the same technology as BERES Nx, the style and shaft advancements define its beautifully crafted performance. The premium VIZARD for Nx Triple-Star shaft uses ultra-high elasticity prepreg, low frequency and low torque to create higher trajectory and distance and consistent precision.

BERES Nx Iron Specifications 

Loft (°) 24
Lie (°) 61.5
Off set 3.5

Honma GolfBeres Nx

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