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The BERES Nx fairways revolutionize design and function with
a wide sweet-spot to reduce miss-hits and increasing initial ball speed. Features include:

  • Multi-Material Structure
  • Booster Slot
  • Radial Face

Multi-Material Structure

A carbon crown, stainless steel sole, and titanium frame puts surplus weight on the sole. Thus, each hit produces strong trajectory. A wide sweet-spot reduces mishits.

Booster Slot

Our hyper wide slot extends to the toe, creating instant repulsion at impact and a high initial ball speed even in a miss hit.

Radial Face

By making the face surface radial, the repulsion in the toe and heel expands to the edges of the face boosting ball speed, minimizing power loss, and delivering high initial velocity – even on off-center hits.

BERES Nx Vizard

Nx clubs come standard with the Honma-exclusive VIZARD for Nx shaft that maximizes initial ball speed with pure contact. It is generally more flexible in the middle, and more optimized towards the butt and tip – helping you produce proper spin and fast initial velocity. That lets golfers take a comfortable, easy swing while the shaft does all of the work.

Triple-Star BERES Nx

The Triple-Star BERES Nx irons are monochromatic chrome and beautifully modern. Constructed with the same technology as BERES Nx, the style and shaft advancements define its beautifully crafted performance. The premium VIZARD for Nx Triple-Star shaft uses ultra-high elasticity prepreg, low frequency and low torque to create higher trajectory and distance and consistent precision.

BERES Nx Triple Star Fairway Specifications 

Loft (°) 15 18
Lie (°) 57.5 58.0
FA S1.5 S1.5
Head Volume 193.6 179.4

Honma GolfBeres Nx

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