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A soothing feel, resonant sound, exceptional distance are all elements of that signature BERES feel, achieved by a novel combination of an uneven face and resin-mid layer.

  • Made in-house, start to finish.
  • The 3-star variant increases head speed, stability, and suppresses torque and unnecessary spin, thanks to high elasticity TORAYCA® M40X.

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Experience Six Decades of Excellence

Revel in remarkable distance, elevated ball launch, a soothing feel and resonant sound, matched with dependable forgiveness and stability. The BERES 09 irons are the pinnacle of golf performance, crafted in-house from inception to completion, tailored perfectly to you.

Semi-Circle Face Structure

Revolutionary Distance

Elegantly high and long shots are achieved by revolutionary semi-circle face structure, delivering exceptional repulsion for masterful speed and distance, and resisting high-point variation for added control.

Wide L-Cup Face

Impressively Controlled

Minimize dispersion on off-center hits and realize boosted flight distance due to an innovative expanded face.

Vibration Absorbing Resin Mid-Layer

Sensational Sound

Quelled vibration ensures perfectly pleasant sound on impact. The inner cavity of these irons is filled with a vibration absorbing resin to create a sensational playing experience.

No. /Loft (˚) #5 / 21.0 #6 / 24.0 #7 / 27.0 #8 / 31.0 #9 / 35.0 #10 / 40.0 #11 / 45.0 AW / 50.0 SW / 55.0
Head Material/Manufacturing 【#5-9】Mild Steel 25C Body (Forged)+AM355P Face (Casting) 【#10-SW】Mild Steel S25C Body (Forged)+ES235 Face
Finish 2S : Nickel Chrome Plating (2-layer Plating)+Satin+Mirror+Painting (Silver)
3S : Nickel Chrome Plating (2-layer Plating)+Satin+Mirror+Painting (Gold)
4S・5S :  Nickel Chrome Plating (2-layer Plating)+Satin+Mirror+Painting (Gold Plating)
Lie Angle (˚) 61.0 61.5 62.0 62.5 63.0 64.0
Offset(mm) 4.0 3.7 3.5 3.0 2.0
Length(inch) 38.25 37.75 37.25 36.75 36.25 35.75 35.5 35.0
Swing Weight/Total Weight(g) ARMRQ FX LIGHT R C8 / approx.343 C8 / approx.349 C8 / approx.356 C8 / approx.362 C8 / approx.369 C8 / approx.375 C8 / approx.378 C9 / approx.386
ARMRQ FX R C8 / approx.344 C8 / approx.350 C8 / approx.357 C8 / approx.363 C8 / approx.370 C8 / approx.376 C8 / approx.379 C9 / approx.387
SR C9 / approx.350 C9 / approx.356 C9 / approx.363 C9 / approx.369 C9 / approx.376 C9 / approx.382 C9 / approx.385 D0 / approx.393
S C9 / approx.351 C9 / approx.357 C9 / approx.364 C9 / approx.370 C9 / approx.377 C9 / approx.383 C9 / approx.386 D0 / approx.394
Made in Japan

New ARMRQ Shaft

Grounded Consistency

Stabilize your shots and optimize control with the newly designed ARMRQ shafts—exclusively crafted for Honma. Experience more stability, consistency, and better timing. 17% lighter than previous models, made with strong, 70t pitch fibers against aluminum, it’s an industry first made only by Honma craftsman.

All grades use the carbon fiber Torayca® MX series prepreg developed by Toray Industries, Inc., which has both high compressive strength and high modulus of elasticity. Honma adjusts the shaft structure and materials depending on the star grade – the higher the grade, the better the distance and directional stability, thus, better performance.

Discover the New ARMRQ FX Light available for custom orders

Significantly lighter, remarkably more flexible, this shaft reduces unwanted spin and increases consistency with a mid-kick point close to the butt. It's an effortless swing known only to the BERES name. 


Made with an industry-first high-elasticity carbon, this shaft features enhanced stability, increased restorative force for consistent swings, and further distance gains. 

2-Star Shaft

Easier Swing, Suppressed Spin

Designed for an easier swing, the 2-star variant suppresses unnecessary spin, ensuring a long, high flight with a kick point placed closer to the butt.

Model Flex Length(mm) Weight(g) Torque(°) Tip Diameter(㎜) Butt Diameter(㎜) Kick-Point
ARMRQ FX LIGHT 2S R 964 46.0 4.95 9.3 14.5 MID
ARMRQ FX 2S R 964 47.5 4.90 9.3 14.5 MID
SR 52.0 4.81 15.3
S 52.5 4.71 15.4


Easier Swing, Suppressed Spin

The 3-star variant features superior head speed and suppressed torque, thanks to high-elasticity TORAYCA® M40X—the ultimate in fiber strength and elastic modulus, providing a stability you can feel.

Model Flex Length(mm) Weight(g) Torque(°) Tip Diameter(㎜) Butt Diameter(㎜) Kick-Point
ARMRQ FX LIGHT 3S R 964 46.0 4.55 9.3 14.5 MID
ARMRQ FX 3S R 964 47.5 4.50 9.3 14.5 MID
SR 52.0 4.41 15.3
S 52.5 4.31 15.4


Speed and Stability One-Upped

One-up your speed and stability with the 4-star variant. The kick point placed closer to the tip ensures further suppression of torque and shaft, providing a powerful yet controlled performance.

Model Flex Length(mm) Weight(g) Torque(°) Tip Diameter(㎜) Butt Diameter(㎜) Kick-Point
ARMRQ FX LIGHT 4S R 964 47.0 4.35 9.3 14.5 MID-LOW
ARMRQ FX 4S R 964 48.5 4.30 9.3 14.5 MID-LOW
SR 52.5 4.21 15.3
S 53.5 4.11 15.4


Divine-Ultimate in Long, High Flight

For the ultimate golfing conquest, the 5-star variant boasts a further strengthened bias layer, generating strong torsional return power. Conquer the course with long, high flights and unparalleled stability—a divine experience in every swing.

Model Flex Length(mm) Weight(g) Torque(°) Tip Diameter(㎜) Butt Diameter(㎜) Kick-Point
ARMRQ FX LIGHT 5S R 964 47.0 4.20 9.3 14.5 MID-LOW
ARMRQ FX 5S R 1,030 48.5 4.15 9.3 14.5 MID-LOW
SR 52.5 4.06 15.3
S 53.5 3.96 15.4

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