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Effortlessly fuse distance, forgiveness, and even more speed off the tee with the signature BERES club-feel.

  • Crafted in-house, start to finish.
  • The 3-star variant increases head speed, stability, and suppresses torque and unnecessary spin, thanks to high elasticity TORAYCA® M40X – the
    ultimate in strength.

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Experience Six Decades of Excellence

Indulge in the signature BERES club-feel, where the magic of effortless hitting meets an unparalleled fusion of distance, forgiveness, and speed off the tee. The driver's simplistic and modern design ensures that the spotlight remains on you, enhancing your game performance. Crafted in-house from start to finish, it's more than a club—it's a masterpiece.

Classic Solid Carbon

Forgiveness Redefined

Elevate your game with BERES 09 where forgiveness takes center stage. The high-strength, lightweight carbon material on the toe side of the solecombined with expertly placed surplus weighting by Takumi craftsmen on the heel sideempowers your game with accuracy, consistent shots, and improved control.

Push Back & Draw Bias Weight

Powerful Impact

Unleash powerful, impactful shots with the strategically placed stainless (10g) weight at the rear of the head. Experience amplified ball speed and conquer increased distances as impact energy converts into a forceful initial velocity.

Quad Bridge Power Face

Revolutionized Distance

Honma pushes boundaries to propel your game further. The meticulously designed face with uneven thickness and a quad-bridge structure ensures longer and more impressive repulsion, delivering exceptional support and revolutionized distance.

Loft (˚) 11.5
Head Material  Ti811 Body (Casting)+Carbon Sole+Aluminum Weight+HMT Face (Rolling)
Head Volume(㎤) 460
Lie Angle (˚) 60.0
Length(inch) 44.25
Swing Weight/Total Weight(g) ARMRQ FX L C0 / approx. 262
Made in Japan

New ARMRQ Shaft

Grounded Consistency

Stabilize your shots and gain added control with the newly designed ARMRQ shafts—exclusively crafted for Honma. Experience more stability, consistency, and better timing. 17% lighter than previous models, made with strong, 70t pitch fibers against aluminum, it’s an industry first made only by Honma craftsman.

All grades use the carbon fiber Torayca® MX series prepreg developed by Toray Industries, Inc., which has both high compressive strength and high modulus of elasticity. Honma adjusts the shaft structure and materials depending on the star grade – the higher the grade, the better the distance and directional stability, thus, better performance.

Discover the New ARMRQ FX Light available for custom orders

Significantly lighter, remarkably more flexible, this shaft reduces unwanted spin and increases consistency with a mid-kick point close to the butt. It's an effortless swing known only to the BERES name. 


Made with an industry-first high-elasticity carbon, this shaft features enhanced stability, increased restorative force for consistent swings, and further distance gains. 

2-Star Shaft

Easier Swing, Suppressed Spin

Designed for an easier swing, the 2-star variant suppresses unnecessary spin, ensuring a long and high flight with a kick point placed closer to the butt.

Model Flex Length(mm) Weight(g) Torque(°) Tip Diameter(㎜) Butt Diameter(㎜) Kick-Point
ARMRQ FX 2S L 1,117 40.0 8.10 8.6 15.3 MID-LOW


Superior Head Speed, Suppressed Torque

The 3-star variant features superior head speed and suppressed torque, thanks to high-elasticity TORAYCA® M40X—the ultimate in fiber strength and elastic modulus, providing a stability you can feel.

Model Flex Length(mm) Weight(g) Torque(°) Tip Diameter(㎜) Butt Diameter(㎜) Kick-Point
ARMRQ FX 3S L 1,117 40.0 7.70 8.6 15.3 MID-LOW


Speed and Stability One-Upped

One-up your speed and stability with the 4-star variant. The kick point placed closer to the tip ensures further suppression of torque and shaft, providing a powerful yet controlled performance.

Model Flex Length(mm) Weight(g) Torque(°) Tip Diameter(㎜) Butt Diameter(㎜) Kick-Point
ARMRQ FX 4S L 1,117 40.0 7.50 8.6 15.3 LOW


Divine-Ultimate in Long, High Flight

For the ultimate golfing conquest, the 5-star variant boasts a further strengthened bias layer, generating strong torsional return power. Conquer the course with long, high flights and unparalleled stability—a divine experience in every swing.

Model Flex Length(mm) Weight(g) Torque(°) Tip Diameter(㎜) Butt Diameter(㎜) Kick-Point
ARMRQ FX 5S L 1,117 40.0 7.35 8.6 15.3 LOW

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