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About BERES Star Grades


With the new ARMRQ, the higher the grade chosen, the greater the distance performance achieved by increasing swing speed. That is, the higher the star level, the longer and farther you will hit it.

ARMRQ - 2-Stars: The flexibility from the soft mid-section and the metal hybrid 10-axis sheet at the butt creates a stable backswing to promote faster swing speeds.

ARMRQ - 3-Stars: Reinforcing strength at the butt pushes the stress over the shaft into the soft midsection, allowing the shaft to deform and recover quickly to feel the clubhead through the swing.

ARMRQ - 4-Stars: (includes 24-karat gold) The new BERES shafts feature a lower kick point to increase swing speed. 

ARMRQ - 5-Stars: (includes platinum and 24-karat gold) The use of selected T1100G material throughout the shaft contributes to less torque, an improved feeling of control and the stiffness while maintaining flexibility, to produce maximum distance with the least dispersion.