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At the core of our craftsmanship heritage is the time-honored practice of persimmon carving. Even our state-of-the-art XP-1 titanium driver is first sculpted by hand from a pure block of persimmon wood to establish a bond between club and craftsman from inception.


Precision-made with the highest-quality materials, each lightweight Honma VIZARD shaft is subjected to rigorous frequency testing with the tightest tolerances in the industry – resulting in faster swing speeds and a more stable ball flight to help harness that newfound power.


Every step of the way our elegantly-crafted clubheads and precision-made shafts are engineered together, allowing us to continuously accommodate the desire for greater performance with the need for increased control.


It is this blend of human precision and artful invention that drives our craft and pushes the limits of performance. Skill and science, touch and technology, past and future, all coming together for a noticeable difference you can see and feel on every shot.

Once you experience the new XP-1 Series for yourself, you will understand what we have known for the past 60 years – the secret to unlocking a better game starts with unlocking the full potential of the whole club.

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