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TW757 D Driver

Patent-Pending Carbon Slot Technology

Updated 460CC Ti-Carbon Fast Frame

- Move heavy weight to back-heel for draw-bias
- Move heavy weight to front-toe for fade-bias
-Tour-validated Honma VIZARD shaft Made in Japan

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Introducing: Honma’s TW757 D Driver

The TW757 Driver features a new patent-pending carbon slot that optimizes the performance from the lower half of the clubface. By using a thinner titanium layer supported by a lighter and more responsive carbon insert, the driver offers more speed, higher launch, less spin, and extra discretionary weighting to maximize distance.

Fine Japanese craftsmanship includes premium Toray composites and our tour-validated Honma Vizard shafts. These perfectly pair with the TW757 line’s 460CC  D (directional control) carbon fast frame to optimize power off the tee.

Key Technologies

1. New Carbon-Slot Technology

2. New Tour Grade Vizard Shafts

3. Updated Carbon Fast Frame


P-SAT Loft adjustment sleeve keeps shaft spine at 6 o’ clock


The TW757 features not one, but TWO models with dedicated adjustable weights dial in ball-flight.

-Front to Back weighting in 450CC S

-Heel to Toe weighting in 460CC D

The Ti-Carbon Fast Frame has been updated with multiple Honma T//World technologies:
-Ribbed Carbon Crown
-Vertical Rib Slot Face Insert
-Reinforced Crown Rib Structure
-Keel Sole for Low CG & Higher MOI


The P-SAT allows Honma Vizard shafts to keep the spine of the shaft, as well as shaft graphics and grip markings consistently aligned, while not sacrificing the ability to adjust the TW757 Driver for both Loft and Face-Angle to optimize ball flight.
-Adjust Loft +/- 1° Strong or Weak
-Adjust Lie +2° more Upright from Std.
-Adjust Face Angle +/- 1.5° Open or Closed



Hand-rolled at Honma Golf’s factory in Sakata, Japan by “Takumi” (Master Craftsmen), Honma VIZARD shafts maximize club performance through the use of premium advanced carbon materials from Toray Composites, Honma’s world renowned quality control, and are designed synergistically with TW757 Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons to deliver a seamless “whole-club” player experience.

All Honma VIZARD shafts are spine aligned at 6 o’clock for added stability and control.


TW757 D Driver Specifications

Loft (°) 9.0 10.5
Lie (°) 57.5 57.5
Head Volume 460 460

The exclusive VIZARD for 757 50 Shaft was holistically designed to synergize the TW757 Driver and Fairway Woods from grip to tip. The strong mid-section in conjunction with a sub 5.0° torque value stabilizes club delivery and maximizes energy transfer at impact, while a softer tip provides for high launch and optimal spin. This versatile shaft has a smooth feel and is playable for a wide variety of players looking for a premium ultra-lightweight shaft. As with all VIZARD shafts, this proprietary shaft is spine aligned at 6 o’clock for added stability, and Made in Japan. 

To complement the standard VIZARD for 757 50 Shaft, Honma produces some of the very best shafts in the world for players looking to take their game to the next level through Sakata’s world-renowned Custom Department. Produced in-house in Honma’s Sakata factory to the industry’s tightest tolerances, the VIZARD MA, MP, FZ and Platinum hold their own on professional tours around the world. 

Flex Length(") Swing Weight(g) Total Weight(g)
9.0 45.5 D2 303
10.5 45.5 D2 306

Designed for High Trajectory and Mid Spin. Well suited for players that prefer a firmer handle or have a tendency to have a descending attack angle or struggle to release the golf club, the VIZARD MA features Ni-Ti alloy for shape retention in the tip-section to allow for higher launch and easy release while still maintaining ample control. Offered in 40-, 50-, 60-, and 70-gram weight classes. 

Flex Length(") Swing Weight(g) Total Weight(g)
9.0 45.25 D1.5 307
9.0 45.25 D2.5 315
10.5 45.25 D1.5 307
10.5 45.25 D2.5 315

Built for the player with a neutral delivery looking for a shaft offering High Launch and Low Spin in a smooth feeling shaft. This shaft’s slight draw bias is achieved by extensive layering of ultra-high strength TORAYCA® T1100G materials to provide stability and feel in this popular custom shaft. Offered in 40-, 50-, 60-, and 70-gram weight classes. 

Flex Length(") Swing Weight(g) Total Weight(g)
9.0 45.25 D1 308
9.0 45.25 D2 317
10.5 45.25 D1 308
10.5 45.25 D2 317

Accommodates the strongest swings on tour and now available to all players. The rigid tip-section of the FZ shaft is created by layering the high-strength and elastic TORAYCA® M40X carbon fiber material in the tip area. This shaft creates a mid-launch condition and very low spin. Offered in 50-, 60-, and 70-gram weight classes. 

Flex Length(") Swing Weight(g) Total Weight(g)
9.0 45.25 D1 304
9.0 45.25 D1 312
10.5 45.25 D2 304
10.5 45.25 D2 312

A new concept in ultra-premium custom shafts that helps players maximize clubhead speed. This shaft contains ultra-elastic carbon TORAYCA® M40X in the bias layer for added tip reinforcement, and the ultra-high strength and elastic TORAYCA® T1100G in all layers. This unique shaft features a stiff tip and butt section with very low torque, paired with an active mid-section to help increase swing speed. Offered in 40, 50, and 60 gr. weight classes in a single uni-flex profile targeted at players with current clubhead speeds of 82-116mph.

Flex Length(") Swing Weight(g) Total Weight(g)
9.0 45.5 D2 297
9.0 45.5 D3 305
9.0 45.5 D4 314
10.5 45.5 D2 297
10.5 45.5 D3 305
10.5 45.5 D4 314

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