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Darren Test


The bold appearance of the BERES Black line brings a classic player’s look to clubs renowned for opulence and power.

BERES Black embodies the power of purity and simplicity. Modeled by Takumi craftsman after its jewel-like predecessors, this line is for golfers with medium- to slower-speed swings, delivering exceptional yardage gains and forgiveness, and swift, reliably high, straight ball flight.

ARMRQ MX shafts are made exclusively for Honma, by Honma, using the highest quality materials - Featuring NEW 10 Axis Sheet Metal Hybrid Armour Technology (4-Axis Aluminum and 6-Axis Carbon) to deliver Counter-Balance designs for added clubhead speed, along with industry leading Toray Composite M40X and T1100G Carbon, ARMRQ shafts deliver progressively faster speed and added control

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