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Honma Earns Five Medals in Golf Digest’s 2021 Hot List

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA – In only the third year participating in Golf Digest Magazine’s Hot List, Honma equipment was awarded five medals for their 2021 line up of golf clubs. The annual club test honored a variety of Honma clubs, irons, driver, fairway woods and hybrids. The yet-to-be-released T//World GS (Gain Speed) family of clubs and the TR21 lines are represented among the five medals, attesting to Honma’s beautifully-crafted products that are designed with advanced technology and playability for a wide range of golfers.


Leading the awards for Honma on the Hot List is the TR21X irons which received gold in the ‘players-distance’ category, and the TR21 H hybrid with silver. Released late fall of 2020, the TR21 clubs complete the previously-launched TR20 driver/iron family in distinctive style. Honma Mobile Experience fitting units in the field have received enormous praise from consumers and pros. Solid, responsive feel, workability and consistent, trust-inspiring launch and ball flight are just some of the reasons Honma’s TR20 and TR21 lines are converting new players week after week.


Golfers seeking high launch, long carry distance and spin control have a beautifully-crafted option in the new TR21X iron with a back design shaped like a beautiful blade iron with a slightly longer confidence-building shape. The hollow design has a heavy internal tungsten bar low in the club head which allows Honma’s team to move the TR21X’s center of gravity as deep and low as possible. The design increases launch and improves the club’s MOI for higher initial launch with less twisting on off-center hits. The TR21X’s high-strength steel, thin, fast L-Cup design, increases speed while the injected foam inside the hollow body construction optimizes its feel and acoustics.


TR21 H Hybrids feature a beautifully simple, compact profile that inspires confidence to hit long approach shots close to the pin. Designed for crisp turf interaction to mimic the feel and flight of a well struck iron shot, TR21 H will help golfers hit more greens from a variety of distances and lies. An SUS630 body and thin high-strength steel face with variable-thickness design delivers hot ball speed while a centrally-located sole weight optimizes the CG for solid feel.


TR21 H is available in 18-, 21- and 24-degree lofts with high-performance Honma Made-in-Japan Sakata VIZARD shafts in 65-, 75-gram options. Honma’s patented non-rotating hosel system allows loft and lie to be adjusted +/- 1 degree while keeping the shaft spine optimized.


The highly-anticipated T//World GS Driver, T//World GS Fairway and T/World GS Irons were all Silver Medal Selections on the 2021 Hot List. The GS line is designed to help golfers gain speed which translates to more distance. Honma Takumi and their 60-year history of craftsmanship worked in partnership with the North American engineering team in designing the unique characteristic of these modern shaped, technology-packed clubs. T//World GS golf clubs will be officially launched on March 1, 2021 and ready for consumers to test drive with local Honma Mobile Experience master fitters in North America.