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TR21 X Irons

Tour Release products deliver beautifully crafted performance with hand-shaped profiles and tour-level performance. Honma’s master craftsmen combine traditional metalwood profiles with cutting-edge modern technology to create the highest-performing and most beautiful golf clubs in the industry. Premium made-in-Sakata Japan Honma VIZARD graphite shafts are designed in tandem with club heads to maximize the performance of the entire club and provide exceptional feel, distance and control.

Honma Golf


High performance combination of a forged L-cup face supported by foam with an innovative internal tungsten bar to provide modern players distance.


Crafted with a muscle back design, beautiful blade profile, cambered sole, and incredibly solid feel this iron delivers confidence for tour players through middle handicaps.


Fast, high launching iron with controlled spin for longer carry with shot stopping control.


Up to 73g of dense tungsten located low and deep create high MOI and combine with strong lofts for more speed.


Designed as a full set, TR21X irons can also be ordered with TR20 P, V or B irons for the ultimate mixed set, or used as an individual utility long iron.

TR21 X Iron

Club #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11
Loft (DEG) 18.0° 20.0° 23.0° 26.0° 30.0° 34.0° 38.0° 43.0° 48.0°
Lie (DEG) 60.0° 60.5° 61.0° 61.5° 62.0° 62.5° 63.0° 63.5° 63.5°
Offset 3.9 3.8 3.7 3.4 3.1 2.8 2.6 2.4 2.4
Length 39 38.5 38 37.5 37 36.5 36 35.5 35.5
Shaft Grip Image

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Arthur Cooper
Tr21x irons

These are the best irons i have ever hit and I've hit a few they sound and feel fantastic the ball flight is great

Francisco Valdez
Beautiful, great feel and very controlled

I bought these as a high teen handicap (18-20) but decent ball striker. After a few months I am down to under 15. I love the strong-ish lofts but more importantly the control. I am hitting more greens as the ball stops as it drops instead of rolling off the green. They look really good and everyone that sees them loves them. I think Honma is very underrated here in the states, and that's a shame because all of their stuff is quality and 🔥 🔥 🔥

greg yonai
tr 21 carbon shafts

Reason why I purchase these 21
s is I had hit the tr20's with the graphite recoil S shafts at the driving range and they felt and hit really good. I'm 69 this year and just getting back into golf after a 2 year layoff. I ordered the tr21 with the carbon shafts and the problem I have is these are very light clubs and I'm having trouble feeling the head weight. I had a golf place adjust my lie but left the lofts alone. Hitting these very high and I have to hit a club more to attain the same distance as my mizuno 60s with steel shafts. I'm thinking maybe I should of ordered the steel shafts???? My mistake. Paying this much for irons, I should of gone to Carlsbad or another Honma fitting center.

Torrey Pines Tim
TR21x replaces Titleist AP2s

I had been playing Titleist AP2s for almost a year, and was very happy with them, until I demoed a set of TR21xs on my local range. The consistency of yardage I get over a series of swings is UNBELIEVEABLE (based on my past performance). Have hit four in a row 142, 142, 141, 143 yards on the range, and, from 160 yards, hit a ball pin high (to the yardage that I was aiming) on a clear mishit. The step up in class is evident on just about every swing. Hope this prompts you to give the technology in these irons a try!