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T//World GS Fairway Woods

T//World GS fairway woods come with foundational sound mechanics that maximize face flexure for greater distance. Start going for those Par 5's in two!

Honma Golf


Built with Flip Slot technology to maximize face flexure and reduce spin for more speed and additional forgiveness.


Internal weight positioned towards the heel to create dynamic closure for increased side-spin and enhanced draw-bias.


Integrated heel-bias crown graphic is applied to encourage golfers to return the club face to square at impact.


Designed in Sakata, Japan, high-performing graphite shafts are built with a mid-kick point, enhancing the golfer's feel of the location of the club head throughout the swing.

GS Fairway Woods Specs

3W 4W 5W 7W
Length (IN)  43 43 42.5 42
Loft (DEG) 15° 16.5° 18° 21 °
Lie Angle (DEG) 57.5° 57.5° 58° 58.5 °


Club 3W 4W 5W 7W
Shaft R/S R/S R/S R/S
Swing Weight D1/D1.5 D1/D1.5 D1/D1.5 D1/D1.5
Torque (DEG) 5.7
5.7 5.7 5.7

Honma Tour Velvet

Size M58R
Weight (G) 50G

Engineered for forgiveness, the T//World Fairway Woods feature optimal flip slot technology for reduced spin and greater speed. A draw-biased design generates dynamic face closure for increased side spin and a penetrating ball flight. The integrated heel-bias crown graphic is applied to encourage golfers to return to square at impact, creating straighter ball flights. With the high-performing SpeedTuned graphite shafts designed in Sakata, Japan, a mid-kick point enhances the golfer's feel of the golf club throughout the swing.

Customer Reviews

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Norihiro Niki
Very good!

I love this FW!

Dean Huang

T//World GS Fairway Woods

Peter Doherty
Replace existing epic 3 wood with GS 3 wood

Not sure still getting to grips with the GS seems not to be as long as my Epic and more difficult to hit in center.My index is 8.
I would suggest that you have demo clubs to try rather then having your customers to buy and then discard if the club does not work.I have been using Honma clubs for over 15 years and Golden Pro Golf always had clubs to Demo I have a full set of Beres 3 star irons and Beres driver 3 star and would like to have tried a Beres 3 Wood but was not prepared to spend close to $600 if it did not work.
I also went for a fitting at one of your listed dealers and they HAD NO repeat NO demo clubs nor did PGA Superstores.
If you are ever as a company to catch XXIO you need to become more customer focused and supply demo clubs for a fee as XXIO does other wise you will never break into the club golfer.Hope these comments help.

A wonderful surprise.

I bought a pre-owned 7 wood. I thought my nephew handed me a Titleist club that I tried in the hitting cage. The club felt great when I hit it. Of the several clubs and brands I tried it was the best. Played with it for two days and it was great. A real keeper. I wanted to buy a 3wood and a driver to go with it. When I looked for the model number, I saw I bought a HONMA. I love the club.