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TW757 Vx Iron - Individual Irons

Player’s cavity back irons forged from soft S20S carbon steel

- Strategically placed Tungsten toe weight for optimal CG
- Classic tour-approved shaping and address profile

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Whether success for you means a national title, a club championship, or simply your personal best, stats show your proximity to the hole on approach usually wins the day.

New multi-material TW757 family of irons are precision tools that deliver unmatched control. TW757 Vx player’s cavity back irons are forged from a billet of the softest S20S carbon steel.

The seven-gram tungsten toe weight lengthens the CG distance (#4-#8) in the wide clubhead yet centralizes the center of gravity in a tour-approved address and sole profile. The optimal heel and toe weights reduce energy loss on off-center hits with this forged cavity back – generating high, straight, and long shots with optimal spin and solid feel.

In addition to popular Steel Shaft offerings from Nippon Shaft and True Temper, all TW757 irons can be equipped with “Made in Japan” Honma VIZARD shafts. Featuring premium advanced carbon materials from Toray Composites, Honma’s renowned quality control, and a wide array of flexes and weight ranges from 50-100 grams, VIZARD shafts take your iron game to the next level.

All Honma VIZARD shafts are spine aligned at 6 o’clock for added stability and control.

TW757 VX Iron Specifications 

Loft (°) 21 24
Lie (°) 60 60.5 61 61.5 62 62.5 63 63
Off set 3.0 3.0
TW757 Vx #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 P A

"Made in Japan," the new VIZARD IB-WF (Iron Bolfa Weight-Flow) iron shaft offers the best of both steel and composite shafts. 

Bolfa® amorphous metal fiber tip inserts and high-strength stainless steel "Hercully EH" is added to all layers of carbon. This creates a very stable iron shaft that offers great feel and is easier to swing/launch due to the weight flow design.

Length(") Swing Weight(g) Total Weight(g)
#4 38.62
D1 387
D1 399
#6 37.62 D1 404
#7 37.12 D1 416
#8 36.25 D1 421
#9 36.12 D1 434
P 35.62 D1 440
A 35.62 D1 442

The Nippon Modus TOUR 105 is in the bags of Tour Professionals around the globe, and is a part of a movement by the best players in the world towards 95-115 gram steel shafts. With a traditional, smooth bend profile and offering mid-spin and mid-trajectory, this shaft pairs excellently with the TW757Vx iron.

Length(") Swing Weight(g) Total Weight(g)
#4 (S) 38.25
D2 403
#5 (S)
D2 410
#6  (S) 37.25 D2 417
#7  (S) 36.75 D2 424
#8  (S) 36.25 D2 431
#9  (S) 35.75 D2 438
(S) 35.25 D2 445
(S) 35.25 D3 447

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hanna Lee
Underrated irons

Purchased the TW757. Very pleased with these irons! When hitting the sweet spot, you can feel the softness of the strike - hence the "butteriness." Love the Nippon shaft and very impressed with the qualify of the irons. All made in Japan and they just have a higher level of attention to detail.

This certainly is between a player distance and game improvement iron. They still offer great amount of forgiveness. Probably not as much as the game improvement irons, but still a good amount. In terms of looks, they look like player distance irons. With a compact, slim head, they look and feel pro. I prefer these irons over the Srixon's zx mk ii and Titleist 150s.

L. Jing
Fast shipping

Great product and fast 2days shipping.

Mo Versi
Amazing irons!!

Got custom fit for the 757vx irons. They are truly amazing set of irons. Butter feel, cuts through the turf with little to no effort and solid distance! Shot multiple rounds in the low 70's with these. Pretty forgiving on mishits. Don't expect game improvement irons forgiveness, but between players irons and game improvement forgiveness. Distance is more on the game improvement side. Can easily control flight and draw/fade on demand. Spin rate is strong as well (especially compared to my older irons) so will stick on the greens quickly. Highly recommend for the low to low/mid handicap players.