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Beres Ladies U-06 4-Star Hybrid

Elegantly designed and built in Sakata Japan by master craftsmen committed to making the highest quality and most beautiful performance golf clubs. The Beres Ladies U-06 4-Star Hybrid represents the best in fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Developed with unparalleled beauty and advanced materials, the Beres Ladies U-06 is for the discerning golfer.


Beautiful profile with an upgraded gold finish and special grademark provides confidence to hit your best shot.


Elegant swept crown with a shallow back and low center of gravity for easy launch and increased forgiveness.


Precisely engineered deep heel weight provides easy face closure and shot control.


Special high-strength steel alloy allows for a thin, lightweight head for optimum weighting, increased COR and a fast feel.


Using exclusive 10-axis aerospace-grade nano fiber graphite, the new ARMRQ X shaft is designed to perfectly enhance overall club performance. Honma ARMRQ shafts provide a rare combination of high tensile strength with high elasticity to consistently deliver the head of the club to impact. The U-06 4-Star Hybrids come with an upgraded ARMRQ shaft that provides lower torque and improved recovery for increased accuracy.

Beres Ladies U-06 4-Star Hybrid Spec

U-06 Ladies Hybrid
Head SUS630 / Casting  
Club 3HY 4HY 5HY 6HY
Loft 19 22 25 28
Lie 60 60 60 60
Volume 134 133 132 131
Length 39.5 39 38.5 38
Swing Weight C1 C1 C1 C1
Total Weight 293 297 301 305

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